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Australians love their fish and chips. It’s an Aussie staple! We have come to expect the best quality product from our fish shops, which is why it’s a shame that many are importing different types of lower quality frozen fish and passing it off as flake (gummy shark). That’s why Pitliangas Food Group created the Local Flake logo. This mark is our guarantee that the flake we sell is wild caught in Southern Australian waters and delivered fresh.

Why Local Flake?

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100% Australian gummy shark

We fish Australia’s southern coastline from South Australia to Victoria and Tasmania year-round. Our flake is guaranteed Australian gummy shark – never imported or fished outside of Australian waters.

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Sustainably sourced

Our fishing practices are closely regulated by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority pursuant to the Fisheries Management Act, and are promoting the use of line caught fishing methods which are more ecologically sustainable and produces flake of superior quality.

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Our gummy shark is wild caught in pristine Australian waters, not farmed or altered in any way. This means that no additives or hormones are introduced during the life cycle. Our flake is as organic as it gets, just as nature intended.

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Delivered fresh

We deliver our flake fresh to Australia’s best fish shops. We own and manage every aspect of our supply chain, so our customers can trust they are getting the freshest fish available, straight from the ocean.

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Wild caught

We’re proud to be Australia’s largest quota holder for gummy shark and the largest supplier. We don’t farm our fish, so you know you’ll always get fresh, premium-quality fish, wild caught in Southern Australian waters.

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Premium quality

We are trusted to deliver hand-filleted gummy shark, cut to specification, all year round. We know when, where and how our fish were caught, so we can always guarantee the quality and shelf life of our flake.


Caught in the pristine waters of Southern Australia

Our fishing fleet operates in the pure waters around South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. Gummy shark caught in Southern Australian waters is considered sustainable and not overfished by ABARES (a Federal Government Department). The biology of the gummy shark is different from other larger sharks as it is relatively fast growing and has a high reproductive rate, meaning numbers are readily replenished.


Filleted by Australia’s largest supplier of gummy shark

At Pitliangas Food Group, we own and manage our entire supply chain, from fishing to filleting and distribution. Our deep industry knowledge and extensive distribution network allows us to provide fresh, premium-quality flake day-in day-out. We’re proud to ensure Aussie fish shops can offer customers the best fish and chips around – made with Local Flake!

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