A complete supplier

Pitliangas Food Group is proud to be a complete supplier to Victoria’s best fish shops. We own and manage every aspect of our supply chain, allowing us to provide our customers with fresh, reliable and sustainable gummy shark year-round.

As a complete supplier, our fresh Australian-caught gummy shark (also known as flake) is complemented by a range of more than 500 high-quality wholesale products that fish shops need – from frozen seafood including flathead, King George whiting and salmon, potato cakes, dim sims and frozen chips to cooking oils, herbs and spices and takeaway packaging. Our longstanding relationships with Australia’s best food manufacturers means we can source premium products at competitive prices.

Industry leading service

Fresh fillets, cut to size

Our fleet of trawlers fish Australia’s southern coastline 52 weeks a year, allowing us to supply customers with fresh gummy shark year-round. We primarily use line-caught fishing methods which are more ecologically sustainable and produce fish of superior quality.

At Pitliangas, we cut our gummy shark to your specifications, giving you complete control over your serving sizes and profit margin.

Over 500 different products

Pitliangas supplies all the products that a fish shop is likely to require, including: oils (both animal and vegetable); takeaway packaging, frozen foods (e.g. dim sims, potato cakes, frozen chips); chilled items (e.g. bacon, cheese, eggs); sauces, seasoning, herbs and spices; frozen fish fillets (e.g. flathead, King George whiting and salmon).

First-rate logistics

From order-taking to pick and pack and delivery, we provide our customers with an accurate, reliable and seamless service. We maintain an extensive inventory of fresh and frozen products, oils and packaging to ensure we can fulfil orders in their entirety. Our delivery team will even pack your order away as directed, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Flexible payment options

We offer a range of payment options, giving customers the flexibility to pay in a way that suits them. Use credit card to enjoy an interest-free period, or make payment by cash, cheque or EFTPOS.

Ocean fresh quality

A key difference between Pitliangas and its competitors is the fact that we control our supply chain. When the fish arrives from our fleet, we know when, where and how the fish were caught, and more importantly which fish were caught first. This means we can guarantee the shelf life of our product and ensure that our customers get the freshest fish available.

Being the primary supplier of Australian gummy sharks, we take our responsibility seriously. As such, we hold the following accreditations:


We comply with the requirements of HACCP Principles and Application Steps outlined in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) System and Guidelines for its Application.

ISO 9001:2015

We comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems – Requirements.


Under the Seafood Safety Act 2003, Pitliangas is issued with a licence by PrimeSafe in order to operate. It requires that seafood businesses comply with relevant Australian and Victorian standards that apply to each seafood licence category.