About us

Pitliangas Food Group is Australia’s largest processor of premium Australian-caught gummy shark. We own and manage our entire supply chain – from fishing to processing and distribution – allowing us to supply customers with fresh and sustainable gummy shark year-round.

Founders George and Ermioni Pitliangas both left Greece to forge new lives in Australia. Meeting as employees at Marathon Foods, they married, started a family, and created a small company distributing Marathon’s products to fish shops across Melbourne in 1971.

This company, Pitliangas Food Group, has grown and diversified to become a complete supplier to the fish shop market. Our sustainably-fished gummy shark, also known as flake, is complemented by a range of more than 500 premium products including fresh and frozen seafood, chilled and dry goods, cooking oils, herbs and spices and packaging.

The quality and reliability of our gummy shark, our product and industry knowledge, and our commitment to outstanding service combine to make Pitliangas Food Group the supplier of choice for the best fish shops.

The Pitliangas Team

Chris Pitliangas Joint Managing Director

Chris joined Pitliangas Food Group in 1990 and has been instrumental in driving the expansion of our business. He manages the teams working on our trawlers to ensure we can reliably supply fresh and sustainably-caught fish. Chris’s industry experience and unmatched processing knowledge have allowed him to optimise our supply chain and operations.

David Hatzopoulos Joint Managing Director

David joined Pitliangas Food Group in 2003. As the head of distribution, he is focused on ensuring the quality of our product and providing first-class service. David holds a Bachelor of Marketing and Business and is the face of our company for both suppliers and customers. His comprehensive industry knowledge makes us the supplier of choice for Victoria’s fish shop market.

Nick Pitliangas Director

Nick joined Pitliangas Food Group in 2000, fulfilling his lifelong ambition to join the family business and work alongside his siblings. With a background in tax consulting, Nick manages Pitliangas’s fisheries investments and is on the advisory board of Quota Pool, a boutique fisheries investment fund. Nick holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws.

Fay Hatzopoulos Director

Fay joined Pitliangas Food Group in 1994 and manages the daily operations at our office, giving her unmatched insight into the needs, priorities and challenges of our customers. Fay holds a Bachelor of Business and is widely known for the outstanding level of customer care she provides.

Fay Vostis-Bivoltsis Director

Fay joined Pitliangas Food Group in 2000. Her comprehensive management experience supports our growth strategies; she drives change and implements continuous improvement initiatives across our operations. Fay holds a Masters in Management.

The Pitliangas Difference

Pitliangas Food Group is Australia’s only vertically integrated gummy shark distributor. We control every aspect of our supply chain, which means we can guarantee the quality and freshness of our product – allowing our customers to provide consumers with premium-quality fish every time.

At Pitliangas, sustainability is a key focus. Our fleet of trawlers operates across South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria; we’re Australia’s largest quota holder for gummy shark and school shark. We use sustainable fishing practices regulated by the Fisheries Management Act and work hard to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

Our sustainability focus has seen the company move towards longline fishing as our preferred approach. In addition to being more ecologically sustainable, this method produces fish with superior firmness, colour and freshness.


Our approach

Pitliangas Food Group is the only vertically integrated supplier to Australia’s fish shop market.

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A complete supplier

Pitliangas Food Group is proud to be a complete supplier to Victoria’s best fish shops.

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